Miniatures update

Hello again,

I think it’s actually been a few years since I’ve posted anything so to prove I’m not dead (or at least that some dude with impenetrably strange motives and mad skills is impersonating me) I thought it time to post again.

For anyone who remembers my last post I believe I promised to start telling the tale of the Dangerous Boys infamous SNOMAR adventure.  However seeing as I’ve drifted a little of course since that post I don’t have enough drawings from that adventure to do this yet.  Instead I’ve decided to share an update on the miniatures sculpting I’ve been doing.

Firstly the miniature I’ve been sculpting of Billy is complete! He looks like this.

Completed Billy

Completed Billy

Billy’s dramatically intense rangers stare is possibly his most potent weapon.


And here he is all serious and side on after I adjusted his vibrance or exposure in photoshop to make him “POP” (can’t quite remember which or how much, it was 3am, should have written it down)

Dazzlingly adjusted Billy

Dazzlingly adjusted Billy

I couldn’t be bothered trying to take a better picture so I decided to make photoshop earn it’s place in my household.


Here he is as a mere 2 dimensional version of billy,  probably seething with jealousy over his lack of volume.

Billy concept sketch

Billy concept sketch


I have of course been working on other miniatures as well.  Here is the concept sketch for a Monk (D&D monk with razor sharp martial arts skills of course) I’m currently working on

Monk concept sketch

Monk concept sketch

I forgot ho hard it was to draw those often forgotten back muscles until I stated on this guy


This is actually a commissioned piece and nearing completion, here are some progress shots

Monk front on

Monk front on

The abs (among other details are a bit weird and ned some re-working


Monk side on

Monk side on


Monk again

Monk again

I guess staff fighting helps to define the old back muscles


Perhaps I should also mention I’ve started a business designing and sculpting unique custom miniatures for whoever might be interested (my marketing manager would certainly like me too mention this, If I had one.)  it’s called HOMINID Custom Miniatures & Illustration (because early humans with painfully destructive stone tipped weapons tend to be awesome).  I’m still working on a website but I can be contacted for commissions at in the meantime.

If you were really hoping for some good old fashioned Dangerous boys Imagery filled with violent blunders then here is another little taste of what’s coming when I post the first instalment of the SNOMAR adventure.

Flints Regret

Flints Regret

This represents Flints remorse after reading the Lankmire times over breakfast only to discover that the man he had decapitated rashly the night before was, in fact one of the cities greatest loved philanthropists.  Flint had been on a solo mission of self discovery when he came across a street urchin trying to escape this man.  Flints flashbacks from his tortured youth as an orphan overcame him and he dispatched the man without warning.  This man turned out to be a benevolent foster father to orphans from all over lankmire known for giving street kid a leg up and a chance at a better future.  He was trying to rescue the urchin from the mean streets.  Of course self control, restraint and prudence are not really strong Dangerous Boy attributes.

This also happened during the SNOMAR adventure

Garribaldi's Acid armour causes a wardrobe mafunction

wardrobe malfunction

After excitedly purchasing a breastplate dripping with acid Garribaldi quickly found that most of his wardrobe wasn’t up to the task.  All his clothes and his backpack melted and he was left with only his magic weapons, the magic cloak provided by his employers for the adventure and the spilled contents of his backpack.  Ever the optimist Gari simply tore his cloak in half and fashioned a crude pair of undies and an even cruder backpack with the cloak halves and sallied forth (to the embarrissment of the rest of the DB’s of course)


Thats all for now,


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9 thoughts on “Miniatures update

  1. SinSynn

    Cool stuffs, Chris.
    Just stopped by to say hi, and welcome to the HoP blogroll an’ stuffs.

    So hai, and welcome to the HoP blogrolls. An’ stuffs.

    The guy with the wardrobe malfunction…what’s dripping? Do I wanna know?
    …I prolly don’t wanna know.

    • Hi SinSynn,

      Thanks for having me, The Guy with the wardrobe malfunction is wearing acid amour (thats whats dripping) He bought some with the intention of bear hugging his enemies to death. However as soon as he put it on the acid melted all his clothes an equipment except for hi magi weapons and the magic cloak he was wearing. This was the wardrobe malfunction, he was forced to fashion undies and a crude backpack out of the magical cloak and remain vastly out of style for the rest of the adventure.

  2. OJey

    I need this monk miniature! Is it for sale?

    • Hi OJey,

      I’m afraid I provided the Master of this mini to the guy who commissioned it. However I’ll contact him and if he hasn’t painted it yet then I may still be able to have it cast, then I can sell you one. Alternatively I can sculpt a similar one for you, if you would like to commission a new miniature drop me a line at:

      I’ll let you know as soon as I can if it’s possible to cast the monk.



      On 19 November 2015 at 07:54, Ungraceful Activities wrote:


      • Hi OJey,

        I’ve spoken with the Guy bought the green of the Monk and he is happy to have it cast so as soon as I get the green back I’ll send it off for casting. I’m afraid I can’t say how long it will take yet, but at this time of year it will probably be more than a month. I’ll let you know when I have a time frame.

      • OJey

        Hey Chris, i found another prepainted mini that fits my needs after some heavy modding .. thx anyways…

      • No problem OJey, I’m going to go ahead and get the monk and a few others cast anyway just incase anyone else is interested in the future. If you ever want to commission a unique mini so,e day just drop me a line.



        On 24 November 2015 at 21:38, Ungraceful Activities wrote:


  3. Hi Chris,

    I’ve got a mini in mind, but I’ve got no idea how much it costs to sculpt one?

    I’ll send you an email with the info 🙂

    • Cool,

      It’s actually hard to know what to charge for one too, it can take a lot of work to get a mini looking good but at the same time I like the idea of people being able to afford to get a mini made for their particular needs.

      I’ll tell you more when I reply to your email.

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