Sketch Book

This page is simply a collection of little test sketches, character design experiments and other DB odds and ends that I am rather fond of.

A quick Garabaldi sketch modeling the Acid armour he is hopeing to get his hands on soon (then he can distribute fatal hugs). He also has his skull face bandana pulled up for extra menace

Some Billy designs incorporating a little 17th century flare in his outfit (I had just watched Captain Alatriste’)

More Billy’s, this time with the old style pants

Most recent Billy Designs (Done as a test sketch for the Billy Miniature I am planning to sculpt for the near future)

A quick Pen sketch of the boys (Minus Billy for some reason I can’t remember)

A few designs of Garouk, I was fleshing out his correct outfit after I discovered I had been drawing him in entirely the wrong duds (perhaps a result of being a littl to drunk when commiting his iniytial character description to memory)

More Garouks. The one on the right is from when I was still labouring under the misconception that he got around in full plate

Test sketch for Grim “Holding” two emaciated Dark elves (Billy later scalped some of these guys after we wasted them), I will probobly draw a proper version of this scene soon. There is also a quick emaciated dark elf design sketch.

Designs of heavily armoured Lankhmire City watch

A couple of menacing undead assasins emerging from the shadows. I imagine the DB’s will one day face such an obstacle which will probobly end in fancy new skull hats, earings and other bone jewellery for the Lads to wear down the Pub

A quick sketch of an army mate of billy’s who later became an NPC called Terrance Cumberland AKA Mr Bland or the Howitzer

Some sketches of Terence Cumberland

This guy is modelling the DB Logo on a shirt. In a moment of intense nerditis we made these shirts a reality. Most of the boys now have one in their warddrobe. I was wearing mine as an unergarment as I wrote this caption

A sketch of a Groovy Fire Elemental

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