New Dangerous Boys Art

It’s been so long now since I planned to start writing and drawing the tale of the SNOMAR adventure that I’m starting to forget a lot of what actually happened (especially as we got so drunk during the adventure that my memory of events wasn’t super sharp to begin with).  I’m not even sure if I correctly remember what SNOMAR stood for.

The main reason for the hold up (apart from everyday hindrances) has been that I can’t seem to get the opening illustration right (still haven’t Grrrrr!).  Still I’m determined to immortalise this adventure before it totally fades and becomes one of those memories where you remember something really awesome happened but you can’t really recall any details.

Anyway I did recently nock up a Dangerous Boys drawing that belongs here more than anywhere else.  It doesn’t depict anything that has actually happened and in fact I’m not sure the DB’s have ever actually run away from an encounter before (not all of them at once anyway).  But who cares it’s one of my favourites.




Here are some Etins for good measure (I couldn’t stop drawing Etins for some reason a few months ago).

Though challenging to control a horde of Etins can probably provide a swift resolution to many problems


Oh and here is the opening drawing for the SNOMAR adventure series as it stands now.  More to come soon hopefully.

The Boys meet with representatives of SNOMAR

The Boys meet with representatives of SNOMAR

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In Anticipation

Hello again,

When I first started this blog the dangerous Boys had just completed and survived a long and exciting adventure, this was the last adventure I described in the previous post.  It wasn’t long before we started getting D&D withdrawals and started marinating in the juices of anticipation that build up while waitnig for the next adventure.

This set of illustrations were produced during this period (some just before I started the blog) and are “Hypothetical”.  The adventure they aticipate actually came and went some time ago now (another very Epic adventure for which I am currently still in the process of illustrating).  I am quite fond of most of these so I thought they should see the light of day.  Infact the first two drawings in this post plus one of the drawings from the last post (Stimulating the urchin economy) were exhibited at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne earlier this year as part of a small scale art contest.  Unfortunately they didn’t win anything nor did they sell (Perhaps I should’nt have mentioned that they were all drawn on post-it pads, maybe it de-valued them).  Anyway here are the drawings in aticipation of the mighty “SNOMAR” adventure.

Bargain hunting at Kroddes joint

This first image is an impression of the possible appearance of Honest Kroddes Emporium at a time when the DB’s would be patronising it.  The existance of Kroddes Emporium (Or “Kroddes joint” in the Dangerous Boys vernacular) was a little hint of information about the upcoming adventure that the DM gave us as a little teaser.  we were told that at some point in the looming adventure we would get to do some shopping at this establishment (which apparently stocks everything that officially exists in the D&D world) and we could order any magic item we liked as long as it officially existed somewhere in the game literature and we could afford it (Krodde priced his stock according to the recommended retail price).  A torrent of carefully considered orders gushed at the DM and ranged from bastard swords that emitted no light all the way up the scale of awesome to an enchanted acid coated breastplate of awesomeness (this would be intended to deliver life threatening hugs and so forth).  There was also much discussion on what manner of shop keeper Krodde would turn out to be and how his emporium would be presented.  The comparisons with the shop form Gremlins where the 8o’s guy buys the Mogwais’ soon dominated the discussions as did a growing expectation that Krodde would also be stocking Mogwais’ and Mogwai related products.  the above illustration is the result of all these Krodde related hypothesese.  Of course when the time came to meet the famous man and buy shit from him he was nothing like the Gremlins shop keeper nor did his premisis resemble the hoplessly cluttered appearance of the Gremlins shop

Mogwai jerky in the field

This image was born from further discussion on the hypothetical topic of “Krodde” brand Mogwai products.  It showcases the delicious and both highly portable and satisfyingly nutritious “Mogwai Jerky” snack pouch.  This was a hypothetical adventuring snack product that we began to expect would not only spontaneously begin to exist in the D&D universe but would also be available in handy ‘Krodde” brand pre-packaged portions at Kroddes.  Several orders for Mogwai jerky (of various flavours) were also placed with the DM.  This “tough as weathered elbow skin” adventurer that is demonstrating the Mogwai Jerky is nobody in particular, just some cynical Orc fighter with a moderate case of PTSD and a colorful history.  I felt like a break from drawing the DB’s.  

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, Mogwai did actually feature in the adventure, just not in a form any of the DB’s expected.

Bring it! SNOMAR!!!

This image was a real quick one which I knocked up in about ten minutes just before I left work on the evening before the SNOMAR adventure.  SNOMAR was another teaser the DM had given us in the weeks leading up to this adventure.  All we had been told was that we would be crossing paths with a mysterious oranisation known as SNOMAR (this turned out to be an acronym).  The DB’s were all very cocky (especially Garibaldi) and certain that they would be able to permanently (and most likey violently) “solve” any problem that stood before them.  We were not afraid of the ominous SNOMAR and this image is an embodyment of these sentiments as well as a brazen challenge to the DM and his high rollin’ SNOMAR.  Incidentally SNOMAR turned out to be quite a handfull and were infact one of those problems you survive rather than solve.

Billy, Garouk and Grim venture into the depths of peril in search of the “Heart of the Wyrm”

This drawing is not based around aticipation for the SNOMAR adventure as the previous ones were.  this one was drawn as a prediction for what may have lay ahead for the boys in the adventure following the SNOMAR adventure.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend this adventure, but I was still privy to the emails that circulated prior to it’s manifestation.  One of the last communications before this adventure went underway was the DM revealing the title of this adventure, “the heart of the Wyrm”.  Naturally after hearing this adventure title I assumed that the DB’s who were going into the breach would be facing off against some type of unspeakably evil worm like creature.  Something that lived deep in the depths of an unforgiving subterrainean labyrinth soaked in terror and dripping with sudden death.  I elaborated in my minds eye that they may infact be hired to snatch the ‘Heart” of this wyrm from its terrifying body or perhaps be journeying into the “heart” of the Wyrms lair to steel/recover/destroy or even deposit something.  either way I saw little in the DB’s future other than razor faced Giant Wyrms, Garouk eating chicken, Billy blowing all his money from the last adventure on booze and dice and Grim casting a lot of healing spells.  Hence the picture of impending Wyrm elated violence in an ambush prone underground tunnell.

As it turned out there was no Giant Wyrm, the “Wyrm” was infact (as the DM explained to me in an after game email) the Oroborus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oroborus), the symbolic representation of time and eternity, for which an ancient temple/cave had been built. The heart of the wyrm was the treasure at the heart of the cave; a shard of the manifest-universe itself – the shard controlling time. An insanely powerful, fragile, unique and priceless item, sold for 20,000GP…

It seems Garibaldi missed out on a fine “Indiana Jones” style adventure.  Luckily the DB’s who were there have outlined some of the stand out moments in this adventure so I still plan to produce some illustrations for it at a later date.

Ok thats all for now,

the next post will start revealing what really went down in the SNOMAR adventure and to help set the mood a little I’ve included below a little preview of how Garibaldi finished up at the end of this adventure.  He is now known as Garabella.

Garabella the Fustrated

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Historic Moments part.2

Hello again everyone,

As promised (quite a while ago) here are the next set of the old pre-existing Dangerous Boys illustrations.  With this post I still haven’t quite got through all the drawings done before the inception of this blog but we are very close now.  Anyway…..


Grim relieves the vanquished Knoll leader of the burden of his exceptionally powerful magic War hammer.

This first scene is form the first adventure after the Dangerous Boys were officially born back on that shabby Lankmire rooftop (know by some, or more likely just by me as the “Rooftop of painful disappointment”).  This adventure saw a skeleton crew of Grim and Garibaldi (unfortunately the only DB’s available at the Time) plus a frighteningly two-dimensional repeating crossbow wielding NPC known as Terence Cumberland set off on a journey to obtain a variety of “fresh” Green Dragon organs for a mysterious client.  Soon after setting off we stumbled upon a disgusting clan of Knolls.  I seem to remember we had the element of surprise but I can’t remember if we bothered to use it.  Either way we ended up mercillessly hacking, shooting and bludgeoning them into oblivion (a predictable and satisfying turn of events, almost everything descends into the familiar violence of plan B at some stage). During this encounter Grim patiently hammered to death the Knoll chieftan who, as it happened was carrying a very powerfull Magic Dwarven hammer of returning and other delightful benifets.  This illustration is the immortalisation of Grim claiming ownership of this mighty piece of hardware and thus also claiming ownership over a brand new life as a valuable contributor to combat.  This was the end of Grim the armour plated, ill tempered ambulance and the dawning of Grim the armour plated, ill tempered ferocious torso smashing ambulance.  Rock on Grim!


How do I Look?

This next illustration is also from the Dragon Organ harvesting adventure.  It depicts Garibaldi back at the blue boar after the adventure.  Here we see him matching the glamorous new circlet of persuation +2 he picked up during the adventure with his existing wardrobe. I have since been told by the DM from this adventure that the circlet should not appear quite so girly and is infact tastefully subtle with delicate yet strong flowing curves, more reminiscent of a seemless fusion of bronze age celtic and classic elvin middle earth craftsmanship.  In my defence however I believed the circlet to be jewellery of a girly nature as it was “rescued” from among the personal belongings of a reclusive witch and her adopted Ogre son (a partnership which on later reflection bore a remarkable resembelance to the old hermit witch and her Ogre from Ralph Bakshi’s classic film “Fire and Ice”).  I seem to remember it was found among things the witch had stolen from innocent girly damsels and so forth.  Of course when I think about it there is probobly no basis for this assumption other than my own imagination incorrectly embellishing the fabric of the adventure.

Anyway the encounter which yielded the circlet in question was a cracker,  it involved the cold blooded ambush of the Ogre and his “Mum” by Terrance cumberland who stumbled across their reclusive hut while scouting ahead.  Terrances’ initial cowardly hail of crossbow bolts from the bushes failed to neutralise the Ogre.  This set back lead rather quickly to Garibaldi getting fried by a lightning bolt and shortly thereafter rendered comatossed by a fireball which gave him a frightful roasting and disintergrated all his clothing and equipement except for the sturdier magical items.  I’m pretty sure the new incarnation of “ultimate Hammer Grim” or perhaps “the Grim hammer” (sounds more awesome) polished off both Ogre and Witch, who incidentally I think we were suppossed to chat with rather than bludgeon to death.  Infact this encounter was so awsome it deserves an illustration which I will endeavour to produce at some stage.  Come to think of it, the Climax of this adventure also desperately needs an illustration.  This final encounter involved a spectacular combat between the party and a Green Dragon, during which a naked Garibaldi (courtesy of the afore mentioned witch) slew the creature with 3 consequtive critical hits.  That is 3 real life natural rolls of 2o!!! on a die 20, in a row!!!! exactly when he needed them!!!!! (of course if you don’t actually play D&D then this incredulous excitement is likely meaningless and excessively nerdy).  I might even try and find time to immortalise the naked dragon slaying moment in colour.


Garouks Ideal Beard

This Image is depiction of Garouks Ideal beard.  After a successful comclusion to the Dragon organ harvesting adventure came talk of the next adventure.  An exciting prospect which would see all the DB’s back on deck.  During the lead up Garouks player expressed a desire for Garouk to be given the opportunity (if  possible) to spend some of the adventure striding about resplendant in a fabulous and commanding beard.  The image above is how Garouk dreamed the beard might appear.  Happily when the adventure rolled around Garouk was afforded this glorious opportunity as were all the other DB’s Present.  While briefly on the run from what appeared to be the same Gnome super Villian from a previous adventure (the one that escaped Billy and garouk on the “rooftop of painful disappointment”) a mysterious ally kitted the boys out with magical fake beards in order to disguise them from the prying eyes of the Gnome super villain and his cohorts.


Stimulating the Urchin economy

This next illustration is from the Adventure after the Dragon organ collection job, the same adventure in which Garouks Beard fantasy came true.  This Scene captures an early moment in the adventure when the DB’s took to the underwhelming beer garden out the front of the Blue Boar to enact a daring plan of ruthless defamation against a wealthy buisiness man who had threatened them, a buisiness man they believed to be the Gnome super villian from their past.  I can’t remember what the threat was now, but the DB’s response was swift and involved Grim and Garouk paying vast numbers of street urchins to spread vicious rumours about their foe while Billy and Garibaldi got drunk and disgussed amendments to the plan that never quite evolved from the planning stage.  These rumours mostly involved the blatant suggestion that this Gnome was in reality a disgusting pervert with a disturbing preference for young boys.  I seem to remember Garouk and Grim adding further fuel to this savage and Hilarious attack by spreading another simultaneous rumour that any young urchin boy who goes to this Gnomes mansion can expect to be richly rewarded for their trouble.  This of course saw scores of young boys turn up to the Gates of the Gnomes mansion giving the lankmhire pulpulation more reason to be suspicious and perhaps begin to take these rumors to be the truth.  I believe we also payed Urchins to hurl shit and rotten eggs at the Gnomes mansion and payed another set of urchins to paint pro BD slogans around town declaring essentially that the Gome was “Going Down” in various creatively violent ways.  It was a masterful multi-layered attack which unfortunately quickly lead to the merciless torching of the Blue Boar.  This was a traumatic event which not only left the DB’s temporarily homeles but nearly claimed the life of Billy who burst into the flaming Inn to try and save his meager belongings.  Incidentally he did manage to save some of his things and xplode out of the second story window in a daze of lung ravaging smoke inhilation.  It was soon after this that the DB’s found themselves in an alley wearing fake beards.


Catching a Genie

This last scene is taken from the same adventure as the previous image.  It illustrates the moment the DB’s finally managed to capture a formidable Genie nerd in his fancy magical library fortress in the clouds.  Things had been progressing unfavourably since the Blue Boar had been burnt to the ground.  However there had been a recent breakthrough when the boys had been informed by a disgruntled employee of the Gnome super villain that he was controlling countless citizens with the aid of some freakishly powerful Genie enchanted magic acid (I have a reasonably strong recollection of the Gnomes henchman throwing enchanted acid into the faces of people he wished to control).  I seem to remember that his grand scheme was to take control of the merchant council and effectively put a strangle hold over the whole city.  This time the DB’s were fighting not just for their own selfish and obscure reasons but also for the fate of the city itself and the situation seemed Dire with far too many of the Gnomes puppets around for even the DB’s to hack their way through.  The unhappy employee suggested that the best course of action was to capture the Genie behind the magic and have him break the curse to even the odds a bit.  luckily this employee was a wizard who could transport the DB’s to the Genies Library in the clouds, of course we had to do him a solid too, something about his imprisoned sister or wife or something.  Anyway the boys were beamed up to the Magical realm were they carefully snuck into the fortress library like an awesome D&D SWAT team.  Once inside Garouk crept ahead into the Genies vast library were he was quietly studying and went for the backstab.  This attack proved a little less effective than we thought and the Genie transformed into a magic fueled Cyclone and began to toss the BD’s around like rag dolls.  Garibaldi thinking he had just had one of the greatest ideas in adventuring history rushed into the library and began threatening to burn the library to the ground if the Genie didn’t surrender.  The genie became considerably less cooperative, Garibaldi lit up the priceless books and the Genie became even more enraged.  I can’t quite remember the finer details of what unfolded next (I was substantially drunk by then) but essentially the boys continued with plan B until the Genie had been hacked and bludgeoned into submission.  when Garibaldi finally managed to stumble half conscious from the library inferno (where he had unfortunately trapped himself) the Genie was in custody, we used the three wishes he granted us to break the enchantment on the Gnomes henchman, do whatever we were supposed to for the wizard and something else I can’t remember.  after returning triumphantly  to Lankmire things fell more or less into place. After breaking into the Gnomes mansion through the sewers, and tearing our way inch by blood soaked inch through his house killing everyone who stood against us (including some of Garibaldis’ old comrades from his past as an elite house hold) we finally cornered our foe and put him to the sword, Billy’s sword I think. The City was saved and the DB’s increasing fame was set to grow even more.


Well thats all for now,

The next post will start show casing more recent illustrations and also display the last of the Dangerous Boys art work produced before I started this blog.


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Historic Moments part.1

Hello again,

as promised here is the first set of existing “historic game moment” illustrations.  These adventure snapshots are being presented (according to my memory, which has been proven to be inconsistent on occasion) in order and were all produced on post-it pads with whatever pencil was lying around.

Billy spearheads plan B of a drunken home invasion

I’m pretty sure this happened during our second adventure (unfortunately I didn’t start doing these “historic moments” till after the second adventure), it captures Billy drunkenly bursting into a country manor house and entering “negotiations” with the guards.  As I remember it the boys had just finished slaughtering a cell of Wererats in a nearby farm, who had been robing merchants (the DB’s were hired to put an end to the robberies) and were on the way home when they stopped at a local village pub to celebrate.  Billy was approached by a young lady with a dramatic sob story about suffering great injustices and being dispossessed by the lord of the manor.  The already “roaring” drunk Billy fell in love and gathered up the rest of the boys to go and restore the ladys honor.  Garibaldi (also “Roaring” drunk) hatched a cunning plan to gain access to the Manor house by posing as Government sanctioned Drop-Rat inspectors who were doing terribly important Midnight infestation checks in the interest of public safety.  This was agreed upon and Gari attempted to invent some kind of official looking disguise using whatever was handy.  The plan spectacularly failed and Billy swiftly initiated plan B, which of course was charge in, kill everybody in sight, break everything and find the pub girls necklace.

Plan B went off without a hitch.  I’m pretty sure we killed everyone we laid eyes on, including the lord of the manor, who jumped screaming from a third floor window to escape the onslaught.  Billy gave chase…  He broke Billy’s fall.  I can’t remember if we got he necklace but I seem to remember Garibaldi and Flint setting fire to the manor house for good measure.  They had already torched a barn and a wagon earlier that day.


In his search for Leads Billy attracts some unexpected attention

This illustration (above) I seem to recall is from our third adventure.  I believe the DB’s were hired anonymously (through several layers of ill-informed henchmen) to track down some ancient scrolls in an old abandonned Drugar stronghold in the mountains.  Before leaving the city on this mission some of the boys decided to try and gather some intel on the mysterious guy we were now working for.  In his fierce (an ultimately fruitless) hunt for leads Billy started interrogating some random stable boy.  This young lad swooned at the attention and began to pepper Billy with an avalanche of bold amorous advances.  A normaly composed and decisive Billy was taken completely by surprise and after a few flustered and indecisive spluterings Billy turned tail and strode off in a huff, only to feel the fire of the Lads passionate gaze burn yearningly into his ass checks coupled with the keen sting of  his commrades taughts as he disappeared  down the street. 

Garouk is chastised by a fire elemental while under the unfortunate grip of a hold person spell

This illustration (above) is from later on in the third adventure.  Having entered the Drugar tunnels and slaughtering some Emaciated Dark elves who had set up shop there (An Image I will try and produce in the future as it was an exciting combat which climaxed in some of the dark Elves being scalped) we proceded through the Dark Elf Sewer tunnels (during which Grim had to consent to be “tossed” over some gaps lest he swim through Dark Elf refuse), find the scrolls and eventually Bump into another party of adventurers who for the most part mirrored our party (they were the Bizarro DB’s).  Their magic user quickly cast hold person on Garouk before summoning a Fire elemental to slowly feast on him while he was paralised.  Garouk spent the remainder of the encounter in this state and somehow managed (mostly through bad Rolls from the DM)  to stay alive. I can’t remember who wasted the magic user and dispelled the Elemental in the end but it certainly wasn’t “Mr easy target” .


Grim and Gari struggle bravely against a giant barbarian mind slave

This encounter (above) was later still in the third adventure.  After we emerged from the tunnels and had returned to town.  All the players were pretty drunk by this stage so I can’t remember many details but some how we wound up being ambushed by a Gnome Supervillian in a weapoons shop.  He had brought a hulking Barbarian body guard with him who’s mind had been enslaved and when negotiations enevitably broke down the mind slave was ordered to “kill us all”.  Garibaldi in a very characteristicly overconfident way declared that he could “take care of this guy with his bare hands” and proceeded to attempt exactly that.  Meanwhile Billy and Garouk chased after the Gnome who after copping Billy’s throwing knife in the arse turned invisible and continued to flee down some dingy corridors.  The plan was to follow the blood trail.

Luckily for Garibaldi “Pocket Ambulance” Grim stayed behind in case Gari was in over his head.  Infact he was, and even after drawing his weapons it took him several painful rounds in which he was repeatedly rendered unconscious then healed three or four times to finally dispatch his foe.  Luckily he managed to deliver the killing blow before the barbarian struck again as Grim was out of healing spells at that point and Gari would not have survived another hit. 


A true moment in history, the Dangerous Boys are Born!

This illustration (above) is the last one for this post and is once again from the third adventure.  It captures the Historic moment when Billy declared to all of Lankmhire at full volume that we were “The dangerous boys”.  This proclamation was bourne of frustration when Billy (followed slowly and ungracefully by Garouk) burst onto a rooftop only to discover the Gnome Supervillians trail had gone cold.  Billy Roared across the rooftops that “you will never escape the…..Dangerous Boys”.  Inspiringly Billy’s player had actually leaped to his feet in real life and drunkenly roared the same thing.  After the laughter subsided it was apparent that this label was too fiercely lame to ignore and the party became The Dangerous Boys.

Ok thats all for now, the next post should rap up the back log of existing “Historic Moment” material and then we will be in new territory.

Bye for now,


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A bit of Background

Welcome to the Dangerous Boys Saga.

Here you will find a regularly evolving pictorial record of the exploits of a party of Dungeons and Dragons characters, adventuring mainly in the ancient and morally corrupt city of Lankhmire.  These images are illustrations I have produced (mostly on “post-it” note paper) of  events that occured in real games so the evolution is organic and based on the decisions and dice rolls of the (most often drunk and generally overconfident) players(of whom I am of course one).

We have been Adventuring with these characters since early 2011 and There are many illustration worthy game moments that I have not yet recorded.   The games also seem set to continue unchecked into the future so I will be posting plenty new material fairly regularly.  These first few post however will most likely be concerned with uploading all the existing Dangerous boys artwork I have already produced.  There are already some brand new illustrations in the pipeline though

Well as this is the first post I’ll start with a little bit of background.

Here is the first party portrait I did, the characters appearances have all evolved since this drawing but it still captures the essence of the Dangerous boys. This  drawing shows the DB’s Chilling out in their regular Boozer “The Blue Boar”.  This Exemplary establishment is were most of their adventures began (until the last adventure when a cowardly Gnome business leader/super Villain had it burnt to the ground).

The Dangerous Boys down the Blue Boar

Starting at the left end of the table and going clockwise around the table the characters are;

Grim, a heavily armoured, bad tempered, tight fisted, gold obsessed, rather mercinary and mostly self serving ex-merchant, Dwarf Cleric.  He is a proud God botherer, a great party negotiator/strategist always haggling for the highest price for our ham fisted and unecessarily violent services and is invariably figuring out whats really going down.  An endless quest to increase his personal wealth of gold and knowledge, puntuated with regular prayers to his God are the cornerstones of Grims existence.   He is also quite a helpful walking field hospital. and can on accasion pound undesirables to dust with alarming prowess.

Next up is Garibaldi Aldente (My Character), A reasonably dimwitted yet overconfident and fearless, extreamly lucky and eccentric Half Orc Fighter.   A former elite houshold guard for a recently anihilated merchant family he consistantly excels at violently dispatching all sorts of foes.  He is an enthusiastic but flawed “Master of Disguise” however still occasionally succeds in achieving (mostly unimportant) goals with outrageous yet poorly costumed bluffs.  He is choc full of what generally turn out to be “impractacle” ideas which he usually still acts on.  Gari is also constantly trying to develop a “badass” clothing label wasting plenty of money on prototype garments that he proudly models.

Garouk, is the Dangerous Boys resident Fighter/Rogue,  a  fierce fried chicken eating Half Orc ex-pirate orphan.  Raised in an abusive boys home (Non-sexual abuse only, according to Garouk) and later honing his rib smashing, lock busting talents on the high seas, his hobbies (apart from eating LFC or Lankhmire Fried Chicken of course)  include catching freshly severed heads “Backstabbing suckers” sneakin’ and jumpin’ about and like many of his comrades (with the exclusion of Grim who is too disciplined) drinking heavily and enjoying the services on offer down “pleasure Boulevard.”  He also owns a characteristicly awsome skeletal parrot.

Next is Flint, a mysterious, alluring and very private Half Elf Ranger.  He is deeply angst ridden with a pathalogical hatred of “institutionalised Humans” (as in those sheep thoughlessly following the rules and etiquette of society, as well as anyone associated with authority) This is a driving force in the viscious cycle of self loathing he finds himself trapped in as he struggles to reconcile the Human and Elf within.  He is also a cracking archer and solid in a “Punch on” as well as being the Dangerous Boy most favoured by the Ladies of Lankhmire (must be the silent rebellious bad boy appeal).

Last but not least is William Greenhem AKA Billy The Drunk, a hard drinking, face smashing Fighter/Ranger problem gambler.  A tormented Lankhmire army veteran Billy loves a fight, loves a drink, loves a game of dice and loves the ladies.  He struggles through life with the grit and determination of a Clint Eastwood character  taking all the bad hands life deals him on the chin and holding his battered head high.  His tale is a dramatic one filled with violence, Booze, Love, Violence, Love lost, booze, gambling, violence and so on.  Since becoming a Dangerous boy this story seems to have continued very much unchanged (although so far with more love denied than love or love lost).

The Party’s “Gang Name” “The Dangerous Boys” originated at the climax of a particularly animated adventure when Billy (our stoic, violent and slightly alchoholic fighter/ranger) followed closely (but clumsily) by Garouk (Our fried chicken addicted, considerably violent, severed head catching half orc fighter/Rogue) attempted to give chase to an infuriatingly “invisible” Gnome illusionist super villian who had been cowardly toying with the boys all adventure from behind the scenes.

After being lured into a trap by the Afore mentioned Gnome the DB’s soon found themselves confronted by an enormous Barbarian  ”problem solver” who was of course having his mind controlled by the repugnant little gnome.  This Gnome showed himself long enough to insult the boys, cop a throwing knife in the arse (curteousy of Billy I think), turn invisible and flee. Billy and Garouk followed his blood trail  all the way to the city rooftops were the trail went cold causing Billy (and his enraged player) to declare at full volume that “you’ll never escape….The Dangerous Boys”.  Like all genuine nicknames it was lame yet apt that it instantly stuck (we even have a logo and T-shirts now).

Here’s the illustration of how it went down.

Billy verbalises his frustration as the Gnome super villians trail goes cold and the Dangerous Boys are born


Of course while Billy and Garouk were being dramatic on the Seady rooftops of Lankhmire Garibaldi and Grim were battling for their very lives against the Enormous Mind controlled Barbarian slave the Gnome had left behind as he made his escape.  Garibaldi Foolishly but very characteristically claimed he could take out the Barbarian easily and Billy and Garouk should give chase to the impertanant heameroid of a Gnome  that had been responsible for all our headaches that day.  Luckily Grim stayed behind with his book of healing spells because Garibaldi was comatosed within an inch of his life three times during the ensuing combat and had to be quickly healed over and over again before he finally slew his enemy.

Heres how that went down

Garibaldi and Grim take on the Gnome super villians Barbarian Mind Slave


Anyway Thats enough for now,  I’ll start Uploading the other existing Illustrations and their explanations soon.  I will bof corse be attempting to put them in correct order, however many of the events depicted happened quite a while ago and I was generally a bit loaded so If any of the Actual Dangerous Boys would like to correct any inaccuracies I may be inflicting on the world then please feel free.

Bye for now,


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