Historic Moments part.1

Hello again,

as promised here is the first set of existing “historic game moment” illustrations.  These adventure snapshots are being presented (according to my memory, which has been proven to be inconsistent on occasion) in order and were all produced on post-it pads with whatever pencil was lying around.

Billy spearheads plan B of a drunken home invasion

I’m pretty sure this happened during our second adventure (unfortunately I didn’t start doing these “historic moments” till after the second adventure), it captures Billy drunkenly bursting into a country manor house and entering “negotiations” with the guards.  As I remember it the boys had just finished slaughtering a cell of Wererats in a nearby farm, who had been robing merchants (the DB’s were hired to put an end to the robberies) and were on the way home when they stopped at a local village pub to celebrate.  Billy was approached by a young lady with a dramatic sob story about suffering great injustices and being dispossessed by the lord of the manor.  The already “roaring” drunk Billy fell in love and gathered up the rest of the boys to go and restore the ladys honor.  Garibaldi (also “Roaring” drunk) hatched a cunning plan to gain access to the Manor house by posing as Government sanctioned Drop-Rat inspectors who were doing terribly important Midnight infestation checks in the interest of public safety.  This was agreed upon and Gari attempted to invent some kind of official looking disguise using whatever was handy.  The plan spectacularly failed and Billy swiftly initiated plan B, which of course was charge in, kill everybody in sight, break everything and find the pub girls necklace.

Plan B went off without a hitch.  I’m pretty sure we killed everyone we laid eyes on, including the lord of the manor, who jumped screaming from a third floor window to escape the onslaught.  Billy gave chase…  He broke Billy’s fall.  I can’t remember if we got he necklace but I seem to remember Garibaldi and Flint setting fire to the manor house for good measure.  They had already torched a barn and a wagon earlier that day.


In his search for Leads Billy attracts some unexpected attention

This illustration (above) I seem to recall is from our third adventure.  I believe the DB’s were hired anonymously (through several layers of ill-informed henchmen) to track down some ancient scrolls in an old abandonned Drugar stronghold in the mountains.  Before leaving the city on this mission some of the boys decided to try and gather some intel on the mysterious guy we were now working for.  In his fierce (an ultimately fruitless) hunt for leads Billy started interrogating some random stable boy.  This young lad swooned at the attention and began to pepper Billy with an avalanche of bold amorous advances.  A normaly composed and decisive Billy was taken completely by surprise and after a few flustered and indecisive spluterings Billy turned tail and strode off in a huff, only to feel the fire of the Lads passionate gaze burn yearningly into his ass checks coupled with the keen sting of  his commrades taughts as he disappeared  down the street. 

Garouk is chastised by a fire elemental while under the unfortunate grip of a hold person spell

This illustration (above) is from later on in the third adventure.  Having entered the Drugar tunnels and slaughtering some Emaciated Dark elves who had set up shop there (An Image I will try and produce in the future as it was an exciting combat which climaxed in some of the dark Elves being scalped) we proceded through the Dark Elf Sewer tunnels (during which Grim had to consent to be “tossed” over some gaps lest he swim through Dark Elf refuse), find the scrolls and eventually Bump into another party of adventurers who for the most part mirrored our party (they were the Bizarro DB’s).  Their magic user quickly cast hold person on Garouk before summoning a Fire elemental to slowly feast on him while he was paralised.  Garouk spent the remainder of the encounter in this state and somehow managed (mostly through bad Rolls from the DM)  to stay alive. I can’t remember who wasted the magic user and dispelled the Elemental in the end but it certainly wasn’t “Mr easy target” .


Grim and Gari struggle bravely against a giant barbarian mind slave

This encounter (above) was later still in the third adventure.  After we emerged from the tunnels and had returned to town.  All the players were pretty drunk by this stage so I can’t remember many details but some how we wound up being ambushed by a Gnome Supervillian in a weapoons shop.  He had brought a hulking Barbarian body guard with him who’s mind had been enslaved and when negotiations enevitably broke down the mind slave was ordered to “kill us all”.  Garibaldi in a very characteristicly overconfident way declared that he could “take care of this guy with his bare hands” and proceeded to attempt exactly that.  Meanwhile Billy and Garouk chased after the Gnome who after copping Billy’s throwing knife in the arse turned invisible and continued to flee down some dingy corridors.  The plan was to follow the blood trail.

Luckily for Garibaldi “Pocket Ambulance” Grim stayed behind in case Gari was in over his head.  Infact he was, and even after drawing his weapons it took him several painful rounds in which he was repeatedly rendered unconscious then healed three or four times to finally dispatch his foe.  Luckily he managed to deliver the killing blow before the barbarian struck again as Grim was out of healing spells at that point and Gari would not have survived another hit. 


A true moment in history, the Dangerous Boys are Born!

This illustration (above) is the last one for this post and is once again from the third adventure.  It captures the Historic moment when Billy declared to all of Lankmhire at full volume that we were “The dangerous boys”.  This proclamation was bourne of frustration when Billy (followed slowly and ungracefully by Garouk) burst onto a rooftop only to discover the Gnome Supervillians trail had gone cold.  Billy Roared across the rooftops that “you will never escape the…..Dangerous Boys”.  Inspiringly Billy’s player had actually leaped to his feet in real life and drunkenly roared the same thing.  After the laughter subsided it was apparent that this label was too fiercely lame to ignore and the party became The Dangerous Boys.

Ok thats all for now, the next post should rap up the back log of existing “Historic Moment” material and then we will be in new territory.

Bye for now,


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