Other Miniatures

Here are some other (non-Dangerous Boy related) Miniatures I have sculpted or am in the process of sculpting.

Drexill Manskin

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Initial designs for Drexill Manskin

Initial designs for Drexill Manskin


Second stage designs for Drexill manskin

Second stage designs for Drexill manskin


Monk:  This guy was a commission and sculpting him reminded me that I had never really paid much attention to how back muscles actually look.  I learned a lot addressing this and other problems.  I also need to thank Sebastian Archer from Guild of harmony for telling me to mix equal parts of Milliput and Green Stuff to make weapons and other “hard edged” elements.  It works really well! Better than the brown stuff I was previously using, plus it sets more rigid than the brown stuff as well.  I used this mix for the monks staff .

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Monk concept sketch

Monk concept sketch


Here are some progress photo’s of the monk I took while working on him.

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Zombie:  This was my first Green stuff Mini, he  has a few problems (especially proportional ones) but I’m still proud of him.  I plan to “renovate” him soon.

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4 thoughts on “Other Miniatures

  1. Really nice work, especially on Drexill’s feet and “backpack”. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Thanks man, especially as I had a few issues with drexill’s feet and “backback”, his tail caused a bit of grief too.

      Also you might like to know that in the not too distant future I will begin sculpting some Ratling snipers. However these Ratlings will be a departure from the standard Halfling template, I have been asked to base them more on a sub species of Gnome. I’ve started a few basic concept sketches which I will post up when they are a bit more refined.

      BTW I left another comment on your blog the other day but forgot I wasn’t logged into my wordpress account so it would have come up as a comment from “anonymous”.

      Keep up the conversions,


    • Ah that was you then 😉

      Looking forward to seeing your Ratlings, they will be pretty sweet based on what you have done with Drexill. I have to get back to doing some more model stuff soon, been a bit busy learning to make computer games with Unity 3d lately but I feel another spurt of painting is incoming. Too many half finished projects started in the last few weeks for me own good – but sure that is always the way!

      Keep up the work!



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