New Dangerous Boys Art

It’s been so long now since I planned to start writing and drawing the tale of the SNOMAR adventure that I’m starting to forget a lot of what actually happened (especially as we got so drunk during the adventure that my memory of events wasn’t super sharp to begin with).  I’m not even sure if I correctly remember what SNOMAR stood for.

The main reason for the hold up (apart from everyday hindrances) has been that I can’t seem to get the opening illustration right (still haven’t Grrrrr!).  Still I’m determined to immortalise this adventure before it totally fades and becomes one of those memories where you remember something really awesome happened but you can’t really recall any details.

Anyway I did recently nock up a Dangerous Boys drawing that belongs here more than anywhere else.  It doesn’t depict anything that has actually happened and in fact I’m not sure the DB’s have ever actually run away from an encounter before (not all of them at once anyway).  But who cares it’s one of my favourites.




Here are some Etins for good measure (I couldn’t stop drawing Etins for some reason a few months ago).

Though challenging to control a horde of Etins can probably provide a swift resolution to many problems


Oh and here is the opening drawing for the SNOMAR adventure series as it stands now.  More to come soon hopefully.

The Boys meet with representatives of SNOMAR

The Boys meet with representatives of SNOMAR

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6 thoughts on “New Dangerous Boys Art

  1. Hi Chris,

    I think I stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago? I loved your illustrations, but to my shame I was too lazy to comment 😦 I hope that you post more often, coz your artwork really is ace!

    • Thanks Head, I always think commenting takes a lot of energy, I’m planning on posting more often, fingers crossed

  2. Flint

    Hey Chris,

    Let me know if you need any help with the details…


    • Ha Ha Ha!

      I probably will need some help with the details, although I clearly remember what happened to you when that monk sent you out for some mystical solo training.

      I’ll drop you a line and get some clarification on the really hazy stuff when I get the chance, In the meantime, do you remember if SNOMAR stands for The seven network of magic and reality or not? thats what I remember, but it doesn’t sound quite right to me.

  3. Billy

    Hey Chris! Billy looks really good mate! It makes me want to pop back up to the Can and muster up the DBs for another game (one day, hopefully soon….). Keep up the good work bro – the art always made the games that much more fun 😉

    • Thanks Man! Dusting off the DBs again would be pretty awesome, they were getting pretty powerful last time we put them to the test. They’re probably ready to “shut down” an underground Beholder Nightclub or take on the Dark Elf Mafia by now, plus I would have more recent memories to draw from.

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