Miniatures Project

In the interest of a well rounded approach to representing the Dangerous Boys I have given myself the task of sculpting miniatures of each member of the party.  Of course this project will also help to improve my miniature sculpting techniques and increase the size of my miniature portfolio.  I also intend to cast (myself) or have these miniatures professionally cast if they turn out well.

If you would like to see some examples of miniatures I have previously sculpted (to prove I can do it) feel free to check out the other Miniatures page, or if you want to see the concept work for some of my non DB related future projects then check out the Miscellaneous Future Projects.

Anyway, the Dangerous Boy miniature I have chosen to sculpt first is Billy.  Below is the initial rough sketch of the intended miniature, followed by the photo’s of the miniatures progress.  The idea is to update these photo’s regularly as the miniature progresses.

original design for the Billy miniatre

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Billy (stage 3). Almost done, just need to fix a few parts on the sword.


Billy Completed!

There were obviously heaps of stages between stage 3 and the completed Billy.  Unfortunately I could never be bothered setting up the camera after I did a bit and ended up not documenting any more of the process until he was done.  In other news I have arranged to have him cast in metal and I plan to paint this cast (or have it painted by someone better than me) and put it up here too.

Ranger Miniature

Dazzlingly adjusted photo of Billy floating in an intense black void.


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Billy concept sketch. I wish I could say this was the original design sketch for the miniature but it’s one I did when he was almost done.

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