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Updated Dangerous Boys Portrait

Hello again,

I know I said the next post would be more of the older existing DB artwork displayed in event order, but I just finished off this quick Charcoal and pencil DB’s portrait that I started scibbling a few weeks ago.  I thought I should post it up as it is much more current than the party portrait I posted up earlier and left in the “who are the Dangerous Boys” page.  It shows (from left to right) Billy, Garibaldi, Grim, Garouk (behind) and Flint.  I know it looks like Grim, Garouk and Flint have been relegated a bit with Billy and Garibaldi taking centre stage, but In my defence it was an accident.  I didn’t really think much about the composition before I started drawing and after I had done Gari and Billy I realised there wasn’t much room left on the page for the others.  I’ll try and make it more even next time.

A slightly uneven but much more current Portrait of the Dangerous Boys with Garibaldi and Billy hogging the picture.


Ok, thats all for now, I’ll get back to the plan for the next post.


Bye for now,



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